Unsolicited Architecture
Despite our skill and experience in manipulating space and material, architects are incapable of addressing the needs of society unless we have first been explicitly asked to do so. Unsolicited Architecture, a bootleg edition of Volume Magazine, in twelve easy steps suggests to architects how to create briefs where none are written, discover sites where none are owned, approach clients where none are present, and find financing where none is available. Architects, don’t wait for the phone to ring. Read this now. Unsolicted Architecture is a bootleg edition from the archive of Volume Magazine prepared for the AIA National Conference in Sydney, April 2010. The concept of unsolicited architecture was first explored in a design studio run by Ole Bouman at MIT in 2007, the results of which were published in Volume 14, edited by Arjen Oosterman with Andrea Brennen, John Snavely and Ryan Murphy. This work has been continued by Anneke Abhelakh, Rory Hyde and Timothy Moore.