underground garage turned architecture office by carlo bagliani
photo by anna positano 


changing the face of a residential neighborhood in genova, italy, carlo bagliani has redesigned an underground car garage as an architectural office. bagliani — in collaboration with stefano mattioni and pamela cassisa — have completely reimagined the original structure designed by sp10 studio, as an inhabitable workspace, with sleek industrial materials and dark chromatic influences turning the existing framework into a subterranean business dwelling. 

from the outside, a long glass panel allows a peek into the interior, surfaced with black-colored walls and ceiling and rubber canvasing the floor. a metallic wall divides the space in two, with one side doubling as a kitchenette. a hollowed out void in the façade stores appliances, while the surrounding space grants an area for workers to congregate and communicate. bespoke furnishings designed by antonio norero of sp10 outfit the building: each desk holds two lamps, angling in opposite directions, creating varying effects of light and shadow on the ceiling, walls, and surfaces. in an endeavor to maintain large, clean expanses throughout, all electrical systems are concentrated to a single wall under the window, allowing for a clutter free, wireless workspace.